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Gnanacheri - Chronicle
Mar 22 2002

          Gnani’s birthplace is Bhagavathapuram. Even when very young and charming, Gnanigal used to tell his father that he got visions of Sri Rama Patabhishekam and of Somaskanda. Those at home were rather frightened by these visions of his and even today Gnanigal’s childlike description of their reactions is very amusing. Of course, these were God’s special revelations to Gnanigal even at that very young age. But he was not in the least interested in such displays of his spiritual powers. And when elders called, Gnanigal used to retire to the temple near by, to pass the time in solitude.

          As far as formal education was concerned, Gnanigal studied in the elementary school at Thennur, then continued studies in Cuddalore St Joseph’s High School, District Board High School, then joined the Hindu High School, Chennai. Although he had no interest in such studies, he made good progress in them.

          He bowed to his father’s wishes and took a job in Madras and Bangalore. As per divine direction, he quit working and with God’s blessing discovered an idol of Kanchi Varadaraja and regularly worshipped it.

         In due time, he acquired “Purva Janma Vasana’ and returned to the life work which in the 18th century, his Guru Parama Sivendra Sankarar had put a stop to. Gnanigal’s showers of wisdom were now a regular feature of Gnanacheri and his innumerable bhakthas were blessed to receive them, for their own spiritual uplift.

          “Datta Gangai”, “Gnanacheri” are regular publications containing his precious teachings embodying spiritual insights. They are a supplement to the divine and incessant flow of spiritual direction contained in his oral discourses.


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