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Mar 22 2002

         In the research of the brain, I have been compelled to do some related extra work. This relates to my categorising certain diseases, mostly connected with the nerves and one or two not connected with the nerve system. Mainly such diseases are the result of disorderliness of the brain. One of such diseases is "Neurosis".

         This disease has no physical symptom at all in the body. This has to be treated and the treatment is very difficult now. The science has not yet fully mastered this. This disease is surely caused by a damage of the brain portion. The damaged portion is the cause of the disorderliness. This is called the "Neurosis" of a man. Brain disorderliness can be cured with sympathy. Such brains are not at all useful for the restoration of the good condition of the brain.

         Diagnosis is important to all diseases except that in "Neurosis" and the neurotic case the diagnosis and its treatment are soft and not so precise. In the present scientific and medical world the treatment to these two after the diagnosis, is only through tranquilizers and therapy. "Neurosis" means the mental disorder of a man. Damage to the thinking brain cells cause "Neurosis" . This cell portion is the mental portion of the brain. After the damage, the mental portion of those cells cause the brain to function erratically which is called the mentality of the person. I am trying to explore a treatment for this disease.

CAUSE FOR THE NEUROSIS : Pressure in the brain; pressure giving action to the brain; causing pressure to the mental portion of the brain; cause mental disorderliness. After some time "Neurosis" prevails in the brain mass and its virulent degree varies from time to time. These situations should be avoided. The affected brain cells will generally shrink little by little like the petal of a flower and then cause the full "Neurosis". Depression which comes to a man does not cause "Neurosis".


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