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Mar 22 2002

          He wrote a traditional chant of bhajan songs in a particular order which is the first book of 'bhajana pathadhi' in South India. Ayyaval was a close associate of Sankaracharya called Paramasivendra acharya, the pontiff at that time in Kamakoti Peetam. After BRAMENDRA was told to observe a vow of silence by His guru Paramasivendra Sankaracharya, Ayyaval left the Kamakoti mutt. He is the person who copied all the songs composed by SADASIVA BRAMENDRA.

          This is the house where Ayyaval resided in the 18th century. Every year in the tamil month of Karthigai (Nov-Dec), the Ganges water gushes out from the well in this house. During this month musicians from all over celebrate his Aradhana utsav at this place. Guru Paramasivendra loved both these saints very much. He attained his samadhi at Thiruvenkadu.

          Sri. S. Mahadevan looks after SWAMIJI for the past so many years. He takes care of SWAMIJI in Chennai and Kelambakkam and assists Him in His spiritual duties. He is the trustee of Gnanacheri. SWAMIJI blessed him with boon of knowledge of Sridhara Venkatesa Ayyaval.

          When Sri. S. Mahadevan receives the knowledge of Sridhara Venkatesa Ayyaval in full bloom he will renounce the worldly affairs and perform his duties to the religious and sprititual upliftment of the people. SADASIVA BRAMENDRA 's friend in the 18th century has come again for discharging his duties which was left incomplete in the 18th century.

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